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  • Biodiesel Manufacturers, Suppliers, Production Company in India

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  • Biodiesel Manufacturers, Suppliers, Production Company in India

  • Biodiesel Manufacturers, Suppliers, Production Company in India

Biodiesel Manufacturers, Suppliers, Production company in Delhi India

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Beza Energy

Biodiesel Manufacturers, Suppliers, Production company in Delhi India. Beza Energy Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO Certified company which is incorporated with the following business objectives

1. To provide safe, economical, environment friendly and quality Biodiesel to its customers in domestic and commercial segments.

2. To provide excellent business opportunity, uninterrupted supplies, technical as well as management support to its stake holders.

3. To promote and invest in Research & Development of new products & technologies, and for improvement and up gradation of existing products & technologies.
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Core Values

  • Future Outlook

    BEPL continues to augment its infrastructure to meet increasing demand of Biodiesel by expanding its supply network across the country.

  • Our Mission

    To contribute in Government of India's endeavour in providing alternate energy solutions which are sustainable, renewable and environment friendly.

  • Our Vision

    India's leading clean energy solution provider by developing a range of products which can help in achieving country's self reliance in energy.

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India is one of the fastest growing economy and energy is a critical input for its growth, especially in transport sector.

Maximum requirement of transport fuels is catered by petroleum based fuels. Out of this, only 20% of total demand is met by domestic production of crude oil while rest is through imorts. Moreover, crude oil is a limited resource, its non-renewable and also responsible for increase in pollution level.

What Is


Biodiesel is a renewable and alternative fuel which is non toxic and biodegradable. It is prepared from virgin or used vegetable oil, waste vegetable oil, byproducts of edible oil like fatty acids, stearin, etc. and animal fats through trans esterification. It is used as an automotive fuel for diesel engines as standalone or can be blended with conventional diesel without any modification in the automobiles.


Government of India has, in last decade, taken major steps to increase the manufacturing and use of Biodiesel. Ex President, Dr. Abdul Kalam was one of the strong advocators of crop cultivation for production of Biodiesel.


What Our Customers Say?

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